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SkulReaper_ Admin Gryphon Sovereign
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Registered:about 1 year ago
Last Seen:9 months ago
Profile Views:388
Hunger Game Deaths:0
Hunger Games Played:0
Hunger Game kills:0
Hunger Game Wins:0
Parkour Level:100
AcidIsland Challenges Complete:0
AcidIsland Deaths:1
AcidIsland Resets:0
Boxed Challenges Complete:%boxed_challenges_completed_count%
Boxed Deaths:%boxed_deaths%
Boxed Resets:%boxed_resets%
Skyblock Challenges Complete:0
Skyblock Deaths:0
Skyblock resets:0
Caveblock Challenges Complete:0
Caveblock Deaths:0
AcidIsland level:0
Boxed Level:%level_boxed_island_level%
Skyblock level:0
Caveblock level:0
Skygrid level:0
Skygrid Challenges Complete:0
Skygrid deaths:1
Skygrid resets:0
Total ZM Damage:2107.5
Total ZM deaths:129
Total ZM First Bloods:5
Total Human Kills (zm):17
Total Kills in ZM:56
Total Losses in ZM:12
ZM Matches:29
Total Wins In ZM:18
Total Zombie Kills:39
Tower Defense Coins:13275
Tower Defense Enemies Spawned:218
Tower Defense Matches:12
Tower Defense Coins:46
Tower Defense Kills:12671
Tower Defense EXP:124331
TD next rank in exp:0
Tower Defense Rank:25
Tower Defense Towers Built:173
Tower Defense Towers Sold:66
Tower Defense Tower Upgrades:301
Tower Defense Wins:5
Parkour Rank:Nooblet
All Time Votes:164
Votes This Month:0
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