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Welcome To Miner Manic
please login, or register in game using the /register command from the lobby
Data Access about your time on server
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We want to be able to provide you with the best access to all of your play data while on server, sometimes this comes in the form of the website and leaderboards contained within it, or through our advanced network stats tool PLAN. (https://github.com/plan-player-analytics/Plan/wiki) We provide advanced access to the PLAN database to administrators to follow up on all sorts of fun data, However, this allows us to have individual player pages linked to you.

Getting Started:

The First step is to Direct Connect to this IP for the duration of this process, after you have registered, you will never have to connect to our server using this ip again
Direct Connect to : Plan.minermanic.com in game then type:
/plan player
This will provide a link in chat that you can click, and use to take you to the correct webpage.

It will take you to our Plan Website where you can then select register a new account:

Once you have selected create an account, and added a username of your choice, and password (PLEASE USE A UNIQUE PASSWORD PER SITE FOR ANYTHING YOU DO ON THE INTERNET) it will give you a pop up that provides you with a code.

Copy this code, and in game paste it into chat, if you are on the correct IP: Plan.minermanic.com in game it will give you a confirmation message:

If you are not on the correct In game IP for the registration process you will not get any message, or that the command /planproxy could not be found.
AFTER you have registered, please continue to connect using play.minermanic.com, or minermanic.com to ensure that you get the best ping based on geo routing. 

Now you can log into the website https://plan.minermanic.com at any time, using the username and password you have created, and view your player data.

IF you would like your personal data removed from our servers please follow up with a support ticket in our discord. 
Survival PVE End Dragons
Survival PVE End Dragons
Miner Manic is proud to present an update to our Survival PVE server.

This update will change the way we do the END for good.

MinerManic Survival PVE will now have 2 timers important to the end. Time until the next dragon spawns, and time until...
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Karma now live on Survival!
Karma now live on Survival!
Will you be Good Or Evil???

All Players will start off with a Neutral Rating at 0 points.

The Ranges Of Karma from Lowest to Highest:
Evil (between -2147483647 and -50000)
Vile (between -49999 and -30000)
Mean (between -29999 and...
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Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
After taking a poll from the players (and subtracting admin votes) we have decided to hold two events for the return of our OG Maps.

The first event will be Today 3/6/2022 starting at 5pm CST and going until people stop showing up.

The second...
1 minute read