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Welcome To Miner Manic
please login, or register in game using the /register command from the lobby
Zombie Manic Basic Tutorial!
3 minute read

We have for you the Zombie Manic tutorial and basic guide. This will help you familiarize yourself with our favorite game Zombie Manic.

You can join zombie manic by typing /zombiemanic or by selecting the NPC from the lobby, or by opening /servers

Once You are in the server (You may see a Mojang Loading screen OR a title that says APPLYING RESOURCE PACK.
Please bear with us as it does take a short while to upload the correct resource pack, we strongly recommend using this. 

If you have OptiFine, or if you have the Non VR client for ViveCraft
You may be greeted with a custom loading screen showing the Miner Manic logo. this is optimal as it means you will be running the smoothest version of zombie manic.

Next lets go over the Menu:

You will have 3 options in the main menu, Choose team, vote for a map, and vote to start, Keep in mind once enough people join, or enough people vote to start the countdown will start, and map voting wont matter.

In the Team viewer, you can select, Spectator, Zombie, Human, Or AFK.
Spectator will allow you to fly around, and can be disabled, it will not always be an option.
Zombie will set your team preference to zombie, it does not mean you will be a zombie if other people select this team as well
Human will set your team preference to human, and is the default selected option when you join a server waiting to start a match
AFK will set you to an afk mode, allowing you to sit out the next set of matches until you select another team. 

Next is the Map Voter. this may be disabled, when this is disabled, it will randomly choose the next map.
the map voter is only active before the match start countdown begins, it will allow you to vote for your favorite map in a popularity contest. 

The last option is to vote to start.

this will allow you the ability to force a game to start if less than 10 players have joined the server. at least 3 players need to be present to vote to start a zombie manic match.

As with all of our servers, on the far right will be the exit button

this will teleport you out of the ZM server and into the lobby. 

As for the basic abilities, a tutorial is present in the lobby, as well as examples

Special item, Barbed Wire

Block breaking on zombie manic uses its own mechanic, we have set it up to where you only have to hit a block one time, zombies have a slightly longer break range than humans,

up to 4 zombies can gang up on a block, and up to 3 humans can gang up on a block to break them faster. Humans can break within 2 blocks, and zombies within 3.
The health of a block is shown in the "XP bar" on the server

Humans will be able to find items in loot chests scattered around the map, allowing them the chance to build a defensive and offensive stash of weapons, and items. they will have the ability to also find custom items if the resource pack is downloaded, allowing for custom items, and completely custom weapon models. (feature in progress)

the main part of your inventory will be blocked out, and only the main hotbar can be used, so be smart about what Items you grab from chests. Items have durability, and a set amount of uses, so be smart about it. (Zombies cannot pick up items yet)

The time left in a match will show up just above your health and food bar

All zombies will get Night Vision 2 for the duration of the match, Humans will not

Everything else is just generally found out, its strategy that can be found by watching any of the numerous zombie manic youtube videos from multiple different streamers. There are multiple tactics, and ways to play, that will help you win. as well as hidden and secret strategies that can only be learned by playing on the maps.

Have fun, enjoy the game, and if you notice any issues, please feel free to submit a bug report.

Survival PVE End Dragons
Survival PVE End Dragons
Miner Manic is proud to present an update to our Survival PVE server.

This update will change the way we do the END for good.

MinerManic Survival PVE will now have 2 timers important to the end. Time until the next dragon spawns, and time until...
1 minute read
Karma now live on Survival!
Karma now live on Survival!
Will you be Good Or Evil???

All Players will start off with a Neutral Rating at 0 points.

The Ranges Of Karma from Lowest to Highest:
Evil (between -2147483647 and -50000)
Vile (between -49999 and -30000)
Mean (between -29999 and...
2 minute read
Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
After taking a poll from the players (and subtracting admin votes) we have decided to hold two events for the return of our OG Maps.

The first event will be Today 3/6/2022 starting at 5pm CST and going until people stop showing up.

The second...
1 minute read