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Update to 1.18.2
1 minute read
UPDATE LOG 2/28/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.2

Updates Performed:
  • Updated via versions on all servers
  • Updated waterfall servers for 1.18.2
  • Updated Geyser, and Floodgate

Desired Effect:

The server is now compatible with 1.18.2 you should be able to play using the latest version of minecraft.
Survival PVE End Dragons
Survival PVE End Dragons
Miner Manic is proud to present an update to our Survival PVE server.

This update will change the way we do the END for good.

MinerManic Survival PVE will now have 2 timers important to the end. Time until the next dragon spawns, and time until...
1 minute read
Karma now live on Survival!
Karma now live on Survival!
Will you be Good Or Evil???

All Players will start off with a Neutral Rating at 0 points.

The Ranges Of Karma from Lowest to Highest:
Evil (between -2147483647 and -50000)
Vile (between -49999 and -30000)
Mean (between -29999 and...
2 minute read
Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
Zombie Manic Major Update (New Maps and 1.18)
After taking a poll from the players (and subtracting admin votes) we have decided to hold two events for the return of our OG Maps.

The first event will be Today 3/6/2022 starting at 5pm CST and going until people stop showing up.

The second...
1 minute read