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Update 3.3.5
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10 months ago

UPDATE LOG 4/05/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.5

Survival update:

Updates Performed:

  • Updated Pyro Mining
  • Updated Pyro Fishing Pro
  • Updated All background plugins where needed
  • Updated survival pve to 1.18.2
  • Added Karma
  • Added toggle for scoreboard (/sb toggle)
  • Added the foundation to start creating player quests
  • Added a couple of background plugins for survival Dungeons
  • Reviewed and pushed the loot crates for our survival dungeons (Dungeons are not live yet)

Desired Effect:

we are just polishing off some of survival with the addition of a few things meant to help you out when playing. this update is intended to not only provide updated information for you as a player, but also to prepare the server for the release of Survival Dungeons. starting off with the Admin Base Dungeon. More to come as far as that is concerned later.