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Update 3.3.4
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11 months ago

UPDATE LOG 3/06/2022
MinerManic version 3.3.4

Zombie Manic Update

Updates Performed:

  • Added all classic maps to Zombie Manic US1 - 4
  • Resource Pack Is Now Mandatory on us1-4
  • Updated Zombie Manic to 1.18 
  • Updated loot tables for the loot boxes
  • Added Spawn Shrines for Zombies (moves the spawn closer)

Desired Effect:

Zombie Manic is now 1.18 and contains all of the OG maps, plus the new ones. for a limited time ZMUS1-4 will allow for vote selection ZMUS1-4 will require the use of the resource pack or you will get the boot. ZM5-7 will not require the resource pack. but will exclude some maps.